Taking care of the people you love shouldn’t be so hard. Let Tender do the hard work for you.

At Tender, we're transforming the experience of tending to a loved one. We understand caregiving can often feel like navigating a complex maze of responsibilities and information. But it doesn't have to be that way. With the help of technology, we're working to bridge the gap, making it easier and more affordable for anyone stepping into the role of family caregiver. Our goal is to make the process smoother, so you can focus on the important part—the loving bond with your loved ones. With Tender, we're not just providing tools, we're offering guidance, support, and a community to lean on, because the journey of caregiving should be about love, not obstacles.

Our Mission

To transform caregiving into tender loving care.

Our Values

Focus on the caregiver

Caregivers put others first. We put caregivers first.

Keep it simple—for everyone

Life is complicated. We aim to make it simple.

Respect the journey

Caregiving is difficult. We honor this experience.

Save time

Time is precious. We work to give it back.

Shauna & Her Father

The Story Behind Tender

This is Mike, Shauna’s dad. He raised her as a single parent, and they’ve been best friends since the beginning.

But, in 2014, Shauna’s dad Mike was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s. This immediately put an end to his career and changed every aspect of both their daily lives.

Overnight, with a busy day job in big tech and from nearly 3,000 miles away, Shauna became responsible for managing her Dad’s life in addition to her own. With no experience, know-how, or expertise, she found herself hacking tools and services to manage all of Mike’s needs from a distance and honor his wishes for living at home.

To do this, Shauna assembled a remote platform for taking care of another adult’s life. 8 years later, Mike is one of the lucky few, still aging in his home - the one Shauna grew up in. Shauna founded Tender to put the lessons she learned, and solutions she created into the hands of anyone taking care of an adult loved one.

Our Founder

Shauna Sweeney

Shauna Sweeney

Founder & CEO

Meet Shauna Sweeney, who has wished for something like Tender for the last eight years. Her personal journey of caring for her father, who has early-onset Alzheimer's, inspired her to help millions of family caregivers like her through technology. Prior to Tender, Shauna was a tech executive and led a significant Employee Resource Group, Caregiving@, for aging parents and caregivers. Before that she was a professor of rhetoric at USC. Beyond her professional roles, she contributes to her community, having served on the boards of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce and the Asia Society. Shauna resides in New York in a historic, converted 1850s barn with her husband, daughter, two step-children, and their pet sheepdog, along with a small flock of chickens.


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