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Potential Annual
ER Cost Savings

Source: NIH


Potential annual
savings per member

Source: New England Journal of Medicine


Of caregivers 45 and up
have health care coverage

Source: CDC

Benefits of Partnering
with Tender

Reduced Emergency Department Visits

There’s a strong link between the intensity and strain of family caregiving to the frequency of emergency room visits. Tender, by simplifying and optimizing caregiving tasks, can help alleviate caregiver strain and reduced emergency room visits, translating to significant cost savings for health insurance companies.

Improved Member Satisfaction

Providing support to caregivers not only improves the care for the patient but also enhances the experience for the family caregiver. By incorporating Tender as a benefit, health insurance companies can improve member satisfaction by demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of their members' needs - extending beyond the patient to the caregivers.

Lower Overall Healthcare Costs

Caregivers who are better equipped to manage care at home can help in the early detection of health issues and maintain better adherence to treatment plans. This can prevent complications and unnecessary hospitalizations, leading to lower overall healthcare costs.

Enhanced Reputation and Competitive Advantage

By being proactive and offering a service like Tender, health insurance companies can position themselves as leaders in addressing the caregiver crisis. This can enhance their reputation and provide a competitive advantage in the increasingly competitive health insurance market.

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