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Caregiving Made Easier With Tender

You're taking care of everybody else. We're taking care of you.

We understand the balancing act you’re living—caring for everyone else while trying to manage your own life. Not only do we get it, but we’ve been there. That's why we created Tender, to help you care for an aging parent or loved one smarter—way smarter.

Life is About to Get Easier with Tender

Tender Mobile App
All in One Place

Guided organization of all the documents and info you need, with AI-powered summaries and secure storage.

Instant Expertise

Care Guides and an AI advisor to problem-solve whatever comes your way.

Connect with Others

An online community for support, shared wisdom, strength, and inspiration.

Connected Loving Care

Tender transforms caregiving into tender loving care, with tools and support to navigate the complexity of caring for your loved one. Crafted for caregivers by caregivers, Tender is built for you.

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